THE EXHBITIONIST: Tattoo Light Up Hat, £POA, Victoria Grant. Model: Alice Chater. Photographer: Diana Gomez.

Spring is traditionally the season to contemplate new hats. Don’t fall for the frou frou. Today’s milliners are asking you to smash boundaries. Here are 15 of the best bonnets for turning heads. Question is, which hat are you?

The orientalist: New Look Hat, £POA, Martha Lynn Millinery.

THE STREETKID: Colour block bunny cap, £75, Bernstock Spiers.


THE SUN SEEKER: Chickory visor, £465, Awon Golding.


THE BEACH BUNNY: Darcy straw hat, £175, Joyis London.


THE INGENUE: Gabrielle hat, £810, Harvy Santos.


THE FOOTPAD: Stove pipe hat, £135, A Child of the Jago.


THE ASTRONAUT: The Pink Balloon, £900, Lara Jensen.

THE COQUETTE: Birdcage veil with bright spots, £250, Harvy Santos.

THE ILLUSIONIST: Printed silk coolie, £620, Noel Stewart.

THE ROMANTIC: Orchid Headband, £245, Piers Atkinson.


THE FLIRT: Wired Bandana Headband, £325, Piers Atkinson.

THE EQUESTRIAN: Fly by Night, £1,479, Victoria Grant.


THE BRIDE: Daisy, £595, Awon Golding.


THEJOCKEY: laser cut leather baseball cap, £345, The Season.