Black Score is the brainchild of designer Simeon Farrar, purveyor of scathing graphic responses to the impossible desires peddled by rampant consumerism (‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’) but also a bringer of hope (‘Immerse your soul in love’).

Now, Blackscore publishes its second zine, using the tropes of popular advertising to convey very different messages.

‘This book was supposed to be the new Black Score lookbook, but I couldn’t stand to make another “hey here’s some more t-shirts for you to buy” kind of thing,’ says Simeon. ‘In times like these, things have to mean something. So I painted big slogans onto t-shirts and headed into town for the shoot.’

Photographer Aidan O’Neil and model Ariana Anast were key. ‘I got [Ariana] to stand in shop windows, amongst heaving crowds and up and down escalators in Selfridges,’ reflects Simeon. ‘I wanted to create a silent narrative amongst all this modern chaos. The t-shirts were purely functional, badly painted and in no way open to reproduction. The revolution will not come in small, medium and large. The revolution does not come in black. The revolution will not be with you by Christmas. The revolution will not make me much money. Oh, well …’

For this reader, the images point to the discrepancy between the joys a purchase might promise and the reality, a deep discontent with the status quo and the desire to buy more. Or, as Farrar puts it on the cover, ‘pages oand pages of fashion to make you feel better (than everyone else).

Farrar plans to make the magazine into a series of books and happenings along a consumerist theme. A small run of the book is free with a purchase from the Black Score site.