Gifts you can afford: what a refreshing idea. We’re loving everything Mila at the moment; the young lifestyle brand creates fresh, evocative fragrances for home and body. Jigsaw makes perfect pyjamas but has also teamed up with the William Morris gallery to create an inspired capsule collection. I’m a sucker for a good bobble hat; M&S’s burgundy pom-pom is the best. And you can always rely on Clark’s for a nice bit of leather work, this time with a bit of leopard print. The National Gallery Company is surprisingly adept at creating purse-friendly goods, including a faux fur tippet for post-war style. And I love Darling’s net skirt, which despite its flirtatiousness, is something you could wear anywhere. Put a jumper on top and you’re the definition of day-to-night. Inspired by TOMS, Jollie Goods donates a pair of socks to a local homeless charity for every pair sold. And they look fab!

Pretty much my favourite bath scent. Chiara bath oil, £35, Mila.

Chiara bath oil, £35.

Pretty much the perfect PJs. Silk cotton pyjama set, £49, Jigsaw.

Silk cotton pyjama set, £49.

I am addicted to pom poms. Bobble hat, £9.50, Marks & Spencer.

Bobble hat, £9.50.

William Morris Brother Rabbit T-shirt, £39, Jigsaw.

William Morris Brother Rabbit T-shirt, £39.

Tiger print purse. Rico napper cluthc, £24.99, Clarks.

Rico napper clutch, £24.99.


A beguiling aquatic mix. Waterlily and Seagrass candle, £18, National Gallery Company.

Waterlily and Seagrass candle, £18.

Mixed metals. Gold Silver and Rose Russian Bangles, £7.95, National Gallery Company.

Set of three gold-plated Russian Bangles, £7.95.


The Punster Striped Socks, £15, Jollie Goods.

The Punster Striped Socks, £15, Jollie Goods.