Pick up the month’s best news and views about sustainable fashion.

1. Are recent innovations in sustainable fashion enough to save the planet?

Too many environmental good news stories seem either to be greenwash or exercises in positive stroking within an industry that is, at best, not changing fast enough and, at worst, barely changing at all.

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Model Lais Ribeiro holding a Bottletop handbag. Photograph: PR

2. A group of established and emerging brands are pushing boundaries on the British high street and beyond to create timeless pieces with accessible prices

Bottletop are pioneers but their contribution of 20% towards their foundation seems small beer compared with an audacious new brand launching in January, Ninety Percent.

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3. Michael Kors commits to going fur-free in 2018

The American accessible luxury brand announced that it will no longer use animal fur in its products, with production being phased out by the end of December 2018. The policy will apply companywide, including the Jimmy Choo brand, which Kors acquired in July.

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4. VitroLabs, slaughter-free luxury textiles designed to make a sustainable impact

In 2018 we plan to keep our eye on the out-of-this-world innovations coming out of VitroLabs. Why you might ask. Well they are currently developing an advanced 3D skin model to create luxury quality lab-grown leather for use in fashion and interiors.

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