Central Saint Martins graphic design student Helena Traill illustrates the page on Habitats. Words by me.

Fashion Revolution launches the third in its series of collectible fanzines. In a powerful take on the kids alphabet book, new zine FASHION, ENVIRONMENT, CHANGE is an A -Z of the fashion industry’s thorny relationship with environmental and ethical degradations.

From A for Anthropocene to Z for Generation Z, the zine puts forward the problems as well as creative ways to change systems and human behaviour.
Edited by writer and editor Tamsin Blanchard, contributors include experts, writers, poets and campaigners, all examining how fashion can lessen its impact on the planet for future generations.

CSM Graphic Design student Helena Traill illustrates the Anthropocene.

Director of Centre for Sustainable Fashion Dilys Williams writes about the Anthropocene (“We are in the midst of the most urgent wake up call that humans have ever had”); environmental scientist Linda Greer writes about the impact of China, the “workshop of the world” and the hidden dangers of Synthetic.

Author Fleur Britten looks at the knotty problem of Fake Fur while writer Jake Hall examines Greenwashing. I am very proud to have contributed words on Habitat; Fashion Revolution co-founder Orsola de Castro writes about fashion’s most ubiquitous fabric Denim and the intensive processes of its manufacture and looks at ideas of Quality.

Model and activist Arizona Muse writes a poem to Water.

Every page has suggestions on how to Get Political, Use Your Voice, Sign the Petition and much more. “Demanding accountability is the next frontier,” says de Castro. “We need to look at a fashion horizon that goes beyond just loving a brand because it looks good, but trusting it because it does good.”

“Junk food; junk clothes, a generation raised to excess. And where does that leave Generation Z? With a world fat with clothes, a planet gasping for breath. Together we must all clean up the mess, say slow down, we have enough,” adds Blanchard.

For each letter, Graphic Design students from Central Saint Martins have created thought provoking illustrations and visuals to give fresh, startling perspectives to the issues. It’s a work to keep forever.

Proceeds from sales of the non-profit zine go towards creating more inspiring and informative resources – like this zine – in the future and helping to grow the Fashion Revolution movement.
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