Roar Back! sweater by Ruby Taylor

It was only a matter of time before pioneering  beauty and skincare brand LUSH explored other avenues to express its deep-seated ethical beliefs.

And where better than through fashion, ripe for revolution as the world’s fourth most polluting industry?

For two weeks only, its Beak Street studio turns a Lush Swag Pop-Up Shop. And the stock? Just what you’d expect. Organic, gender-neutral tees, sweaters, totes and embroidered patches feature designs that – with the help of a number of buzzy young illustrators – promote conservation, animal rights, gender equality and much, much more.

The collaborators include Cristina Daura, Marylou Faure, Lucy Kirk and Ruby Taylor, creating a blend of aesthetics that is punchy and modern, ever-so-slightly retro and addictive. From sweaters to tees and tote bags, all Lush Swag is created using Fair Trade, 100% organic cotton, sustainably produced by Rapanui.

“My aim was to create something very bold and graphic and make it eye catching,” says Faure. “I’m very inspired by anything that is socially driven and felt that the message needed to look as strong as it was.

“I decided to use a very restricted colour palette with a simple, striking visual that pops out with its vibrant pink colour. The idea was also to make it look a bit like a badge or a patch that someone would wear, to show that they were a part of a movement.”

Be Free tee by Lucy Kirk

Nestled in Beak Street, Soho, visitors will be able to shop this limited-edition range while learning more about the rallying cry and causes the swag spotlights, and the brand’s ethical and sustainable approach to clothing production.

Visitors also have the chance to buy a selection of limited-edition screen-prints, created exclusively for Lush by the artists.

Featuring exclusive designs, and signed by their respective artist, all the profits (minus VAT) from screen print sales will be donated to an aligned charity.

From Friday April 20 to Friday May 4, 2018. Lush Studio, 67-71 Beak Street, Soho W1F 9S

Fish Are Friends tee

Lush Exclusive screenprints