The Jacker rucksack, part of Eastpak’s Tech LAB.

Eastpak launches a new series of Eastpak LAB, the iconic accessories brand’s high-end capsule collections that feature ground-breaking materials and designs. Backpacks, shoulder bags and accessories employ top quality matierals and a meticulous attention to detail to fuse fashion and function. Look out for five new stories titled Tailored LAB, Welded LAB, Neoprene LAB and Tech LAB. First out, Oily LAB.

Max Rodgers and Kimberly Wyatt wear designs by John Rocha. Photography by Joseph Sinclair.To celebrate World Ocean’s Day 2017, The Rodnik Band, John Rocha and Eley Kishimoto team up with UK charity Environmental Justice Foundation to create t-shirts that offer their views on just why the ocean is so important. As ever, each t-shirt is sustainably sourced, made from 100% fairly traded cotton, and has a carbon footprint just 10% of that of a conventional, non-organic cotton tee. All profits go back into EJF’s work to protect the oceans and the lives of the people that depend on them.

Oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface and are home to over a million species – and that’s just the ones we know about. They provide food and livelihoods for 3.5 billion people across the globe. But they’re in peril as pollution and illegal fishing practices destroy their delicate eco-structures.

Max Rodgers wears design by The Rodnik Band. Photography by Joseph Sinclair

Philip Colbert, The Rodnik Band: “Art and Fashion is a huge part of who I am, and I want my clothes to represent my values. Through supporting EJF’s JUST-FOR project I can not only be a part of raising awareness towards building a more sustainable and transparent supply chain but I can also showcase the vitally important role that our oceans have to play, and support EJF’s work to save our seas. For me that’s win-win and I am proud to support the JUST-FOR project and EJF.”

Model and EJF Oceans Ambassador Max Rogers said: “We live on a blue planet. Millions of people depend on fish for their essential food and income. We are taking too many fish from the oceans and that has led to illegal, pirate, fishing and even slavery. I’m proud to be a patron of EJF’s campaign to save the sea.”

All of EJF’s JUST-FOR t-shirts are available for sale at