Adwoa Aboah pays homage to the supermodels of the 90s in a new The Fan collection.

Band t-shirts are hot right now and while purists bewail the Metallica-print tops hanging on the rails at Topshop (‘The true meaning of band t-shirts got lost somewhere in the process of dying subcultures …’ notjustalabel, November 2012), some new brands are doing it better than others. I adore the priced offerings of Caine London for their complex hand stitching and patchwork, for example.

Now there’s The Fan, high-end inspired sportswear driven by pop culture in its 1990s heyday. Label founders Elle Azhdari and  Cristina Aranda-Gazon, although mere babes at the time, have a rampant knowledge of – and passion – for the era and its people, as evidenced by extensive personal collections of clothes and magazines.

Last July, the girls released a very limited run of MA1 bomber jackets and gilets stamped with patches of Andy Warhol’s most iconic Interview magazine covers. They sold out in a few weeks – to the likes of Theophilus London, Adwoa Aboah, ASAP Rocky, Dev Hynes etc…

This season, The Fan launches SUPER 6, a new collection of sweats and t-shirts bolstered by a campaign featuring the breathtaking presence of super babe (and super Fan fan) Adwoa.

SUPER 6 is a homage to Naomi, Claudia, Kate, Linda, Cindy and Christy. ‘They were strong, powerful, beautiful, intelligent, and fun. How is that possible? They simply kicked ass!’ Elle told ID. ‘The 90s supermodels were a true reflection of the times, and they all make a real sexy patch!’

Elle and Chrissy grew up with pop culture game-changers like MTV and Smash Hits/The Face/i-D magazine, and have been collectors for years, amassing an extensive archives which are the source of much of the clothing’s imagery. ‘Some of the most groundbreaking moments in creativity happened in the past; people were so fearless,’ said Crissy. ‘Internet culture has made everything accessible, so there’s less of a defined tribe culture, everything kind of looks the same. On the other hand, it breeds creativity, it connects people and creates communities.’

THE FAN will release a new concept 3 times a year of limited edition styles that will never be restocked – or repeated.

The Super 6 collection is available to pre-order via thefanof.com